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Thank you for visiting my site. Before I tell you about how I can support you, let me tell you my story. A few years ago, I was in a successful career in a multinational company, and a mother for two kids, and a wife. My kids were pursuing to study at university, so i felt that i need to return back to my passion which was writing, and blogging. I applied at Cairo University, I was awarded BSc in Journalism from there, I applied for MSc in Mass communication. It was self study that cost me to add one more job to all my roles that I play in life, and travel each semester to make my exams, It was hard of course.. but I did it. Next step was to practice my passion as a writer, and blogger. I established a website to empower women so I can write and share my thoughts to empower Arab women so they have a window to know more, think deeper and then decide what to change in their lives for a better one. Even that was the slogan for the website: Know, Think, Decide.

Then I felt that I need to read more or maybe study more toward a deeper specialized field. Here, I used my nature strength point which was caring and helping others. Automatically  I was only attracted to Life Coaching


I wanted to write a meaningful articles that made a difference, and I wanted to have better understanding of myself, and other human beings so I  used my unique talents and stretched me to be my best self.

My journey of self-learning, self-love and serving others, prompted me to become a successful life coach, and successful author. I published my first book Ouyoun Horrah.  I combined my writing passion with my natural strength point to be whom I am now  to reach a better  version of myself

I use the techniques and knowledge gained during my own journey to support those who find themselves longing for change, in life’s consuming circumstances.


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