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Group Coaching

Group Coaching Service

What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is coaching in a group.  However, there are many different formats for how that can be done.  You could have one, some or all of the members of the group do the coaching to one, some or all of the group members.

Coaching could be done in one or several group meetings.  It can also be done face-to-face or by Zoom.

Group coaching usually is mixed with one topic informative presentation , and followed by one hour group coaching discussion reflecting on that topic.

Group coaching is perfect in retreats.

Group coaching is very similar to support circles that help individuals to learn from each other and feel that they are (not alone) in this world suffering from a certain feelings.

Why Group Coaching?

Problem solving among members: it guides and supports group members to closely clarify the problems, identify powerful strategies to solve them, and specify relevant and realistic actions to implement those strategies.  Members can share support and accountabilities to take those actions.

Deep networking: Because members completely count on each other, they feel free to share more than business cards – they share their needs, open and honest feedback, and useful and practical resources among each other.

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