The Basic Package consists of

  1. This is the basic recommended number of sessions that allow digging deeper and allow convenient time for you to process and make change in your life.
  2. For clients who has never done coaching before, and need examples of topics that can be coached on, here are sample of  coaching topics :

    a-Relationship Coaching:

    if you are suffering from unstable relationship or feeling stuck and can neither leave nor continue the relation.. we can have coaching sessions that enables you to reach a better , peaceful solutions.

    b- Stress Management: 

    if you feel  stressed, most of the time from a situation, person, relationship, or even without knowing the reason, or for all mentioned, so you need for sure to talk with a professional coach to know how to manage your stresses before it controls your nerves and life.

    c- Single Woman:

    if you are single woman suffers from fear of loneliness,  fear from the future or low self-esteem or self-guilt, or all together, then you need to talk with a coach who will helps you enjoy your life , control your stresses and fears and increase your self-esteem.

    d-Middle- Age Crisis:

    if you are between 35-55 years old, and started to look back to your whole life , evaluate it , and feel unsatisfied about steps in the past , struggling on how to change it or accept it or want to reach better self-awareness. even if you are mid-way in your marriage and feel unsatisfied about it, a professional coach can assist you to pass this middle age crisis peacefully , manage this evaluation period, find your real self, take bold decisions or accept what you have.
    e- Overthinking in the past , fear from the future: if you are suffering from overthinking either in negative past memories or worried from negative future full of weakness, loneliness, illness ,… then this is the correct place to speak with a professional coach and find your way on a quiet mind  that you control your thoughts

    f- Self discovery:

    if you feel that you are lost , cant see your true self , could not understand yourself , or why others are dealing with you this way, many whys and hows are runing in your mind, then speaking with a professional coach will turn on the light for you to see what ‘s happening inside you , and discover your true authentic self.

    g- find your passion:

    if you are youth in your 20th or older in your 50th and looking for your true passion, the finger print that God gifted you, then talking with a professional coach will assist you to focus and find it.

    h- Setting your Goals:

    if you could not find your life goals, or not consistent on achieving them, so getting sessions with a professional life coach is the solution.
    i- Changing your habits:
    if you are suffering from a bad habit or more and would like to get rid of it, or you would like to gain a new better habits and suffering alone in this circle, a professional life coaching sessions can help you then.


  • Fees: 350USD
  • Sessions can be delivered in person or online via video services.


5 sessions program

The Exploratory / Extra program consists of

Total 5 sessions: 2 exploratory and 3 in deep Coaching Sessions (one-on-one sessions)

This package is ideal :

  1. if you would like to explore the flavor of coaching first before you go deeper for the Basic Program
  2. if you completed your Basic program and want to extend for few more sessions.
  3.  if we discussed together and found that your issue may be solved only in 3 sessions


Fees: 225 USD

Sessions can be delivered in person or online via video services.


  1. for customized sessions, that do not fit neither Exploratory Package nor Basic Package, please contact us
  2. ​Sessions can be delivered in person or online via zoom services.
  3. You can mix also between any of the Basic Packages + convenient matching Courses / Webinars as an added  value resources that provides you with latest scientific  researches in the topic you are coached on.
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